Why Should I Be An Intern?

The answer is pretty simple. See, in the present scenario we’re experiencing a stupendous increase of youngsters starting a startup company while studying, others doing freelance work and some doing internships. Still, youth unemployment problems are present all around the world. In this battle for talents, having just a degree isn’t going to get you a better job than your colleagues. Internships are now a wild card to enter the industry and start a career. Internships offer more than just work experience which you can use to buff up your resume. Completing an internship can get you all prepped up for the industry. Trust us, you’ll be forever indebted to your teeny tiny internship! So, what are the perks of becoming an intern?

#1 : Earn industrial experience and knowledge

Yes, getting a degree in a specific field is tough, but you know what’s tougher? Surviving the big bad world. Your rolled up degree with the pretty bow isn’t gonna be your life-saver. When you choose to do an internship, it becomes your rabbit hole to the wonderland we call the Corporate World. You get your hands dirty and experience the work environment of a real company. The sense of accomplishment you get by doing your part to make a difference in the organization will give you a grin that’ll make your cheeks hurt.

#2: Career exploration and finding the future employers

Internships are like summer camps. You get yourself enrolled and have a different life for the amount of time you spend in the organizations and when you come out and go back home, you have a whole bunch of new friends- Future employers and References.

#3: Finding the role models

When you’re the intern, you work closely with the big fish in the organizations. I bet you’ll be a fangirl straight out of an anime, wanting to be like your senpai. The exuberance they possess will be something you’ll want to achieve and one day, you will be a senpai for all the glassy-eyed interns you work with, down the line.

#4: Leadership and personal skills development

An internship toughens you up and gives you the competitive edge to be the best. Your communication skills are going to improve and then you’ll realize how professionals talk. You’ll learn how to talk and work with people of all age groups in the organization and what will make them clickWhich in turn becomes a valuable asset to interns in their run. And if you prove to your mentors that you’re enthusiastic, reliable and have a sense of responsibility, who know? You could become their pet!

#5: CV Enhancements

In today’s world, experience better. Internships can make your CV all shiny and sought after. Get all the experience you can lay your hands on and trade it for a great job. Every time you have an interview, the recruiting panel would be like skirts from Guild Wars 2, “Oooh, shinies. We want shinies, yes? Work with us, yes?” Most students just focus on getting good grades, rather than experience. There’s nothing wrong in focusing on becoming the class topper but gone are the days when the kid with the highest marks gets the job. It’s your life and you’d want to make the cake and eat it too. Employers would like to give the job to someone who knows what is to be done, rather than just a curious cat. So get on the ground and get your hands dirty. You can’t get a seed to grow into a beautiful flower without giving it the necessary care!