The Pros And Cons Of Acqui-hiring

Acqui-hiring is a hot topic in the startup world right now. Everyone wants to get the best for their organization and this method of recruiting capable candidates is something everyone is choosing

What actually is Acqui-hire?

Acqui-hiring is just a fancy way of saying that your company is going to be bought out by another one, usually tech giants. No, they don’t want your services, but your whole team. It’s like you getting the best ingredients from the market to make the most exceptional and decadent Devil’s Food Cake. ‘Cuz you know, the devil is in the details(See what we did there?). Acqui-hiring is a win-win as you become a stronger company but nobody goes unemployed (if you’re good, that is.)

Why go for Acqui-hiring?

Everybody wants top talented and skilled techies now and the positions are disappearing like hotcakes.Since the recruitment of the best candidates isn’t easy, the tech biggies decided to go for acqui-hiring. As earlier mentioned in, “Why Startups Need Baby-Like Care” ,startups will hire the best talents for business . So acquiring these startups’ teams will only boost the MNCs’ productivity.

The Pros

  • Safe exit for Entrepreneurs: If a company isn’t able to hit their growth targets, acqui-hiring can help them make a safe turnover. It’s not that you’re pulling the plug, you’re just adding a stabilizer to increase the efficiency of your precious appliance

  • New opportunities for Acquirees: Who doesn’t want to be part of the big fish of the sea? If you didn’t make the cut in one way, you just got a golden ticket to the much-desired chocolate factory now!

  • Powerful and Effective Recruitment: Conventional hiring techniques do get you results, bt not necessarily great ones. On the other hand, acqui-hiring can be the faster way to get the best . It’s like getting the ‘bites’ box from Mad Over Donuts, you get all the best ones in one attractive box

The Pros

  • Loss of interest: When you work hard to produce your perfect dish but it doesn’t turn out as expected, it’s natural to get disappointed. You’d rather not cook than getting horrible food out! It’s the same with company CEOs and Founders. When their whole asset is taken away, they’re prefer exiting the market than let someone else lead their

  • Competition: New employees are like small fish who have moved to the big pond. Larger the arena, the harder the battles. Due to the high competition levels, it may be difficult to gain the right momentum. Some try to stick around while some quit

  • Wrong Attitude: Poor management of newbies can spell trouble. It’s like getting a new puppy home when you have an older dog. They’re not gonna appreciate the newbie getting on their turf. The new employees have to join new teams and the original employees will have a “US vs THEM”attitude. It’s going to affect the organization in the long run

So, acqui-hiring. Yay or Nay?