Stop in the name of Diversity!

The organization announces, “We are looking to recruit only female candidates for this particular role”

And the folks cheer with chants of “DIVERSITY”.

“It’s amazing how the company cares about ensuring there is a diversity rich workplace and maintaining the gender ration.”

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The organization announces, “We are looking to hire only male candidates for this particular role”

And the folks cry foul calling it“SEXISM”.

“Why is this role only for men? Are you saying women can’t do this role? It’s unfair to not even give women a chance to interview for the role!”

Not very nice to hear, right?

The truth is the matter is that most companies don’t really keep in mind the gender ratio while they are looking for the best fit while ramping up the business. The talk of diversity comes in only when you are larger organization and a well-known brand. When all eyes are on you, it’s time to look perfect. That’s when corrective measures are taken to hire “only” women for a role. A desperate move to improve the gender ratio. People have divided opinions on diversity and its impact. There is plenty of content in various media which points in both the directions. It’s a matter of perception that takes an individual to one side of the fence.

Being in the talent acquisition business, it’s a hard pill to swallow when the perfect candidate is not considered because of gender specification for a role. But looking at this from the lens of the employer, it seems fair to have diversity in the workforce. But, at what cost? Are you making a compromise in quality in the name of diversity? That is the question.