Be the Geek You Claim to Be!

Your team is given a huge multi-national client that is expected to make plenty of quality hires over the next coming year. All is good till the first requirement hits your mailbox. You read on, and it begins to get more and more clear, they need a superwoman. A Senior Director of technology who has 15 years of experience in the technology space. This, in itself, shrinks to talent pool to a rather small one.

Heard about the glass ceiling effect or any of the other challenges the society throws at them? As you go higher up the corporate ladder, the number of women drop rather drastically. The infographic below helps paint the same picture.

Men Vs Women WHO Code

And, to add to the challenge, you are looking for a geek of a technologist who codes on a regular basis in spite of holding a senior role. Now that is no easy task. Your team begins the hunt, the talent pool is small and hard to find. The team you work with has tried job boards, with no result. There was a shout about social media hiring to get this niche requirement closed, but that spark quickly faded away and no results to show for it either.

Now the onus is on you. Do you think you have what it takes to solve this challenge? This is the time to bring out the sourcing geek inside of you and make a planned approach to solving this problem.

How would you go about finding the perfect candidate when the conventional methods of sourcing yield ineffective?

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